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Final Project Curso IN-51 Mª Ángeles Manzano and David González

Subido el 19 de julio de 2017 por María De Los ángeles M.

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This project has been created as part of the course IN-51 ENSURING SUCCESSFUL USE OF ICTs IN THE CLASSROOM.

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Ciencias Sociales, Inglés
Alexander The Great
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Mª Ángeles Manzano and David Gonzalez
Subido por:
María De Los ángeles M.
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19 de julio de 2017 - 19:26
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This activity is a result of the collaboration between two departments, Social Sience and English, with the idea of working together on the design of a multidisciplinar session. In this way, History basic content should be integrated in the development of English skills.

The result of our proyect combines a specific knowledge about an important historical character such as Alexander the Great, the Macedonian leader of the ancient Greece, with the ability of understanding an English text. For that reason, vocabulary, grammar and comprehensive skills could be developed in our students at the time that they can go deeper in a subject that the History Curriculum stablished.

At the same time, with the tools we are going to use students have the opportunity to listen to a different voice than the teacher´s one. With the complementary activities to the main aim of the project, they can also acquire notions of contemporary political geography as well. For this reasons, the integration between differents tools, differents subjects and different targets of improvement reveal our activity as useful from several approaches.

We have designed this lesson considering the usefulness of working with tools which donot require constant access to the internet. At the same time, the files have been created in a specific way in order to save ink and paper if printed.

We hope you like it and find it useful.
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