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Words and Sounds, all are ours

Subido el 2 de agosto de 2017 por M. Luisa De La C.

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This Digital Final Project uses Padlet as a kind of memo audiovisual tool that shows different experiences, that have been selected as a resource to keep in touch with a great number of ideas and learnings that I would like to have in mind in my work as a music teacher after summer.
Although it is going to be shared I think Its meaning will remain significant specially for my own personal use.

The title “Words and sounds all are ours” refers to the poem “Words are ours” by Michael Rosen, that we have used in class.

The main objective of this paddle is to notice the relation between learning Music and learning English as two languages that express different meanings by the use of sound in the intonation of speech, stress, fluency and loudness.

This relation takes a midway work in the practice of talking poetry which is the main door to compose song´s lyrics. That is what I have tried to take care of in my translation to english of the song “Fogata de amor” by Victor Heredia. The understanding of how important is to listen and notice the flexibility of english language in the way that stress of words can be pronounced seems to be turning crucial in my training as a music teacher and as a permanent learner of English language.

Other objectives are:
to encourage the attitude of traveling as an adventure to promote a real immersion in a foreign culture.
to enjoy, record and share music, poetry or talking respecting the right of anybody to give or not permission to be recorded.

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Maria Luisa de la Calle Maldonado de Guevara
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