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Portratis of 5 young Europeans

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Subido el 19 de julio de 2007 por Educamadrid P.

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Leyla, a 25 year old British citizen of Somali descent, participates in Berlin, along with 140 other young Europeans, in a conference against racism and xenophobia. Her participation was triggered by the terrorist attacks in London during the summer of 2005 and her determination to counter the growing animosity against Muslims. In Berlin, Leyla discovers that Europe is vaster and more diverse than she had imagined and that her generation can have its say. 20 year old Marion is driven by a desire to help others. Back in Fribourg (Germany) after a stint doing her European Voluntary Service in the United Kingdom, during which she cared for schizophrenic children, she decided to become even more involved by informing her generation about the opportunities offered by the European programmes. Like around a hundred other young Germans participating in the ëEuropeanî project, she chairs debates and information meetings throughout the European Youth Week. 23 year old Niclas heads up Helicopter, the leading advertising and design agency in his region in the extreme Northern part of Sweden. Niclas has also made a name for himself with his book with its eloquent title ìEntrepreneurship, toilet paper and bullshitî and thanks to his conferences on the spirit of enterprise. His method: say yes to life, dare to succeed and dare to fail. A method that he was able to perfect by participating in the programme JA-YE (Junior Achievement Youth Entrepreneurship). Katarzyna is living in Brussels for a year, where she is working and living in the European headquarters of the student organisation AEGEE Europe. She has temporarily left behind her family and life in Poland to work in close contact with the European institutions. With her, 7 other young flatmates from all over the continent, all passionate about Europe. The common denominator of this European household: their enthusiasm. After completing his voluntary service in Spain, during which he took his first steps in the world of filmmaking, Luca decided to share his new passion with young people in his home town of Turin and to make them benefit from his experience. This idea spawned the project ìCinema anchíioî: free filmmaking lessons for the City and a feature film ëDanza la coscienzaî, involving over 500 people.

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The European Union
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19 de julio de 2007 - 9:29
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European Commission
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