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South-East Asia and Europe: The New Partnership

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Subido el 11 de julio de 2007 por Educamadrid P.

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South East Asia is a dynamic actor in global trade. It is a region of great diversity in terms of cultures, peoples, languages and religions. Its level of wealth however, very much differs from a country to another: the GDP per capita of Singapore is ¯23.000 whereas that of Laos is ¯340. Europe and South East Asia share many common interests and the European Commission has defined a new strategy for reinforcing its relations with this region. This is what this film is about. We follow the story of Ms Lan, a busy Vietnamese businesswoman. As the Director of Craft Link, the biggest fair trade cooperative in Hanoi, she manages about twenty people and exports craftwork to Europe. She receives the visit an Italian entrepreneur willing to buy her products. In its relationships with South East Asia, Europe is now determined to look beyond the economy in order to improve collaboration in the struggle against terrorism and crime, the promotion of human rights, the management of migratory flows, as well as in the fields of science and the new technologies.

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The European Union
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11 de julio de 2007 - 12:29
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