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The Southernmost Forests in the World: New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands: UNESCO Culture Sector

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Subido el 1 de junio de 2007 por Educamadrid P.

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The Snares Islands are about 200 Kilometers south of New Zealand, close to the Antarctic. The world’s southernmost forests are located here, fostered by the mild climate created by the warm current around the area. The trees are twisted and bent by the strong winds.

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NHK World Heritage 100 Series - UNESCO
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Educamadrid P.
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1 de junio de 2007 - 10:52
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The islands, with their harsh environment and surrounding steep cliffs, have become a habitat for many unfamiliar creatures. This is a New Zealand Sea lion. It moves slowly through the forest.

The bird walking with his large webbed feet is a Buller’s Albatross. The birds mix bits of soil and plants together using their saliva and make their nest to hatch their eggs inside.

Thousands of Shearwaters fly overhead. Is this a failed landing? Their nest, in fact, is made under the ground. Their chicks are raised below the surface.

These are Snares Crested Penguins. After catching their food they have to climb steep cliffs to get back to the island. Then they walk up the hills crossing obstacles along the way. The journey finally ends when they reach their breeding ground hidden deep inside the forest. It may be very far from the sea, but the flat area is a safe place to breed their chicks. It’s believed that the penguins’ ancestors were the seabirds which nested in the forests. Penguins are going down the cliff to catch their prey. It can be a risky exercise – even for adult penguins.

A chick here is attacked by a Giant Petrel. Cold and warm currents meet around the islands and produce large amount of plankton. Many fish gather to eat the plankton and then the birds gather to catch the fish.

This southernmost forest is a marvelous display of the work of nature over a myriad of centuries.

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