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Colosseum, the Great Amphitheatre of Antiquity: Historic Centre of Rome: UNESCO Culture Sector

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The Colosseum stands in the centre of Rome. It was inaugurated in 80 A.D. at the height of the Roman Empire. It is 527 meters in circumference and 48.5 meters high. This huge amphitheatre could seat around 50,000 people. The underground structure is now fully exposed. There is a maze-like network of corridors and rooms that were originally hidden under the floor. Advanced devices for the time were installed to stage the various events. Several hand-operated lifts were placed near the corridor. Gladiators faced their opponents and animals were lifted up to the arena floor.

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NHK World Heritage 100 Series - UNESCO
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The Roman Emperor was the main organizer of such shows. Emperors were consistently faced by the threat of rebellion and assassination and tried to maintain peace by giving favours to the citizens by hosting events. The Colosseum had another important role in the Emperor’s politics. The name of the Senior Senator was carved onto these stones. They used to place their chair on top and watch the game. It was a reserved seat for him.

The seats were divided into several sections according to the social classes. The first level was for senior senators, the second for knights, the third for Roman citizens and the top for non-citizens. It reflected the strict class system of the Empire. The Emperor’s seat was located in the very centre of the Colosseum. He sat in a place where all spectators could see him – he was greeted with huge cheers.

The most spectacular event held here was the Naumachiae. They filled the arena with water and floated real battleships to recreate historic battles in front of thousands of excited spectators. The Roman Emperors sought to win people’s hearts and minds by providing exciting events. The presentations kept the Emperor and his subjects awed and inspired.

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